The First

It’s hard to know where to begin along this long line of a life that i’ve drawn so far. Where I am at now is a point that has come about because of various lines, some carefully drawn and some haphazard, some intentional, some happy or not so happy accidents. In fact, it’s hard to know how this body called “me” unites all these lines of career, family, reading, emotions success and failure.

The latest thing I have been looking at is probably as good a place to start so here it is.

I read this in a bookshop the other day and was so thrown by its charge and personally I feel more it is more  fully charged when read inside the head, but maybe that’s just my own pretty active imagination.

I am now trying to figure out a list of pieces of visual art that have a similar charge.  I have only ever seen reproductions of Guernica, but this is one of them, I think. Answers on a postcard.

1. Guernica


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