Ginsberg and Blake

from Wikipedia..

In 1948 in an apartment in Harlem, Ginsberg had an auditory hallucination of William Blake reading his poems “Ah, Sunflower”, “The Sick Rose”, and “Little Girl Lost” (later referred to as his “Blake vision”). Ginsberg was reading these poems at the time, and he said he was very familiar with them; at one point he claimed he heard them being read by what sounded like the voice of God but what he interpreted as the voice of Blake. He had at that moment pivotal revelations that defined his understanding of the universe. He believed that he witnessed then the interconnectedness of the universe. He looked at lattice work on the fire escape and realized some hand had crafted that; he then looked at the sky and intuited that some hand had crafted that also, or rather that the sky was the hand that crafted itself.


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