Sadly, over the past decade my work, especially my written work distributed through the internet has been subject to occasional sabotage – possibly by an ex (I foolishly dated several programmers) who I believe is also cyber-stalking me. The latest target for this has been this blog. I always proof-read my work and only submit after many careful revisions. Below the posts show many errors (silly things like the lack of a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence), that I (or Word or Grammarly) would never let past the post. The same thing happened when I was writing my biography of Frances Darlington – at the final stage when entering the text into the Booksmart software, I would check and double-check, save the work and the next morning it would be filled with mistakes – this is one reason why the book took so long to produce.

This latest sabotage has happened just as I applied for a number of posts, some of which were editorial. Sadly, I don’t have time to proof-read the entire blog right now but with this in mind, in the future, I will print out all posts from this blog and keep them in a file so that should this sabotage occur again, I can post a scan of the original, corrected text.

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